Not all that glitters in IoT is gold... but, you can make money with the right ideas

Posted by Jonathan Heath on 3/29/17 4:57 PM

Monetization, it’s a funny word - filled with a lot of meaning and adopted as a jargon term of late, especially when applied to the tech world. This is particularly true for the Internet of Things (IoT) and, jargon or not, it won’t become a reality unless innovators find ways to make money with it.

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Get me some of that IoT

Posted by Bill Baker on 3/6/17 11:48 AM

The Internet of Things! If you aren't on board the hype train yet, allow me to provide you a ticket.

What is the Internet of Things?

It is always something completely different depending on whom you ask.  IoT is sliced bread.  IoT is the Pony Express.  IoT is a Twix bar with Dr. Pepper!  Yeah.  Not really.

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Attack of the Things; or, how to build an IoT Application in a Hurry

Posted by Daniel Barnes on 3/6/17 11:17 AM

Your CEO has just rushed in all excited! He's had this brilliant vision for an IoT application and the investors loved it. He already told them "It's easy! We should have that in 6 months, tops!" Cold sweat.

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How to be a Product Manager for Something That isn't a Product

Posted by Daniel Barnes on 3/6/17 11:07 AM

SNAP is a software platform

Hold on, hold on, before you run away. What if I told you our platform is scalable and reliable and secure?

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